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Eglington Makes it's Way to Fraserburgh

Updated: Jul 2

This beautiful project was requested by a home owner based in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire completed 28th April 2022. Despite having numerous delays due to Covid and Brexit, we are delighted to have finally completed and our patient customer is just as delighted.

"The Eglington Collection has been developed with the private home in mind. The low railing panel is ideal for adding decorative detail to perimeter walls."

See review under the images...

"I can't tell you how pleased I am with my railings and gates. They look awesome! They were absolutely worth the wait 😊 and I love them. I thought it might take me time to adjust to them being there but absolutely not...... they look like they've always been there.

Thank you so much for actually agreeing to the job and for all your communication. You have one very delighted customer tonight. Thank you very, very much. I hope Pete and his team get back safely and aren't too worn out" - Ms Macgregor, Fraserburgh, 29th April 2022

If you are interested in our cast iron range, please contact us on 07821 096350 or email

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