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The autumn nights are fast approaching but don't be left out in the cold - we are delighted to launch our fantastic new, log burning #WildFires! Available in 4 gorgeous designs: Thistle, Lion Rampant, Deer or Highland Cow, they are available for only £140 (inc. vat and delivery) Collapsible into 6 pieces, they are easily stored until you need to toast those marshmallows again...⠀

*Comes with grill removing tools

* Price includes UK delivery. Contact if you wish to order and collect from north Glasgow (save £15)

WildFire Outdoor Log Burner

  • The WildFires are made of 3mm mild steel and rust easily, especially if stored outside. Many people like this look but if you don't, after use, please clean thoroughly, oil and store inside away from moisture. The WildFire come in 6 pieces ready to slot together quickly and store flat. 

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